Travel Insurance

Going Abroad? There are lot of risks associated with international travel today. You may travel on business, pleasure or as a student and end up facing unforeseen circumstances. These may include emergency medical expenses arising out of accident or sudden sickness, loss of baggage, loss of passport, travel delay, etc., You would certainly prefer your foreign trip to be hassle free and peaceful. Our Travel Guard Insurance provides you with the right protection tailor-made for any type of contingency you may normally have to face. With this policy in hand, your trip will certainly be completely secured

Family Benefits

  • Maximum of two children under 5 years per family are covered free when they travel with both parents.
  • Any additional child, only 50% of applicable premium.
  • Family special rate is 2.5 times of highest single premium (Maximum of 2 adults + 2 children upto 18 years)
  • Complications arising out of pregnancy within first 6 months are covered
Why do you need it?
  • Primarily to protect yourself against financial losses due to risks related to travel.
  • For complete protection as an overseas traveler.
  • It is a requirement for visa to certain countries
  • Many universities require this cover for students studying abroad.
  • International Tour Operators/Travel companies insist on this cover
Who can be covered?
  • Any person upto 70 years (Above 70 can also qualify).
  • Any Tanzanian citizen living in Tanzania.
  • Any Tanzanian resident living In Tanzania