Property Insurance

Burglary/House Breaking

Pays loss of or damage to the property or any part thereof contained within the premises specified in the schedule or any damage to the premises


Buildings, Stock, Furniture & Fittings and contents are insured against Fire, Explosion, Lightning, Earthquake, Riot & Strikes, Malicious Damage, Storm, Flood, Burst Pipes and Impact and other natural perils


Goods-in-Transit insurance covers loss or damage to property caused by fire, theft or accidental means while the said property is in transit by road or rail or while housed temporarily in the course of transit.

All Risks

Provides cover against accidental loss or damage to specified items including theft that is not forceful. This covers items that are prone to accidental damage and items that are portable e.g. laptop computers, valuables, mobile phones and fixed phones. This cover provides additional cover to that provided under fire and burglary sections.

Domestic Package

As the name suggests, provides cover to residential buildings against fire and allied perils, the contents in the building, all risks cover to valuables, workmen compensation for domestic workers, owner’s liability and tenant’s liability.

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