Liability Insurance

Public Liablity

Protects the insured for any legal liability arising out of damages for accidental bodily injury, death and/or loss or damage to third party property. These may include damage to personal property, cars, etc., of the visitors by falling objects or injuries to visitors arising out of fall on slipper floors.

Contractors All Risks

Contractors are often required by the terms of their contracts to have this insurance. Cover is provided for:

  • Material damage to contract works
  • All risks on machinery and plant
  • Third party liability arising out of performance of contract
  • Cover extends for period of contract plus maintenance period.
Professional Indemnity

By virtue of their qualifications, persons in the professions carry a high degree of responsibility in law to their clients. If they fail to measure up to the standards required of them so that their clients suffer financial loss as a result, they may well find themselves liable to reimburse this loss. This situation has created a demand for protection, which can be provided by a specialize type of insurance known as professional indemnity.

Employers Liablitiy

Provides cover against legal liability under common law for damages and claimants costs and expenses of litigation in respect of bodily injury by accident or disease to employees arising out of and in the course of their employment directly related to breach of common law or statutory duty

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