Protects the insured for any legal liability arising out of damages for accidental bodily injury, death and/or loss or damage to third party property. These may include damage to personal property, cars, etc., of the visitors by falling objects or injuries to visitors arising out of fall on slipper floors.

The proposer must provide the following information:

  • The nature of business
  • Physical address
  • No. of employees including gross annual wages.
  • Whether there are any sub-contractors
  • Condition of premises
  • If any contractors/sub-contractors are engaged.
  • Claim history
Claim conditions
  • All litigations expenses must be incurred with written consent of the company.
  • The Liability of the insurer will not exceed the sum insured.
  • Any incident outside geographical limits.
  • Loss or injury to employees
  • Liability arising out of ownership or possession of any mechanically propelled vehicle
  • Damage or loss to contract works