Individual Personal Accident

If at any time during any period of insurance, the insured shall sustain any bodily injury caused by accidental external and visible means, which injury shall solely and independently of any other cause result in his death, or permanent total disablement as defined in the schedule, the company will pay to the insured or in the event of his death to his legal personal representative, the compensation stated in the schedule of cover.

The insurer pays for total disablement as follows:

Continental scale benefits


  • Life
  • Both hands
  • Both feet
  • Sight of both eyes
  • One hand and one foot
  • One hand and sight of one eye
  • One foot and sight of one eye


  • One hand
  • One foot
  • Sight of one eyes.


  • Intentional self injury, suicide or attempted suicide whether felonious or not
  • War, invasion, act of foreign enemy, mutiny, rebellion, insurrection, strike, riot, etc.,
  • Sickness, HIV/AIDS
  • Influence of, or being affected by intoxication, liquor or drugs.
  • Engagement in unlawful acts
  • Racing, Polo, Winter Sports, Professional Football, Mountaineering, Steeple Chasing, etc.,
  • Engaged in flying or air travel, crew of ships, except as fare paying passengers.