Provides cover against legal liability under common law for damages and claimants costs and expenses of litigation in respect of bodily injury by accident or disease to employees arising out of and in the course of their employment directly related to breach of common law or statutory duty.

Underwriting Guidelines

  • Occupation of the employee
  • Occupation/Industry that the employer operates in
  • Declare the annual earning of all employees
  • To take reasonable precautions to avoid injuries
  • Observe occupational health and safety guidelines
Claim conditions

  • To notify Reliance Insurance immediately in case of an accident
  • Forward any Third party correspondences or court summons (unanswered) to Reliance immediately upon receipt.
  • Do not accept liability

  • Out of work injuries
  • Expenses/benefits payable from other insurances GPA,NHIF
  • Injuries sustained outside the geographical area
  • Employees below the age of 16 years


Available on request